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Trophée présenté par le Prince.

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Oscar was born in Cairo, Egypt.Osca Mitri

He completed his secondary education at the "Collège Patriarchal" in Cairo.

He learned to love nature from an early age. He was hired by magazine publishing houses in Cairo and Lebanon in the department of photography, wetting his appetite and giving him the desire to start a career in this field. In 1956 he studied  colour slide technique at the "Institut d'Art Photographique" in Paris. His career took off and he specialized in documentary photography.

He was hired in Kuwait in 1960 by an Arabic Cultural and Geographical monthly magazine (similar to National Geographic). His stay in Washington at the National Geographic Magazine enabled him to gain more work experience in the field of photographic reporting.

His assignments took him all over Asia and Africa. He journeyed through  the Atlas desert in the Maghreb. He visited 42 countries including the United Arab Emirates and four islands in Africa and Asia.

His photos are appreciated in the Middle East by a whole generation. He  shared the intimacy of peoples, nomadic tribes and the Tuaregs reflecting their life, customs and  traditions and conveying with photographic eloquence the reality of life in the Third World.

Oscar currently lives in Montreal with his wife Jackie. He has two sons and grandfather of four grandchildren.


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           1970 Edition                   1975 Edition                               Africa-Asia


  • 1964: He won two medals, one silver and one bronze in a competition at the International Fair of New York "The World and Its People".
  • 1970: He was awarded a trophy at Expo Osaka in Japan, for his excellent color slides show.
  • 1970 and 1975: He published two volumes of photography on the geographic and urban development in Kuwait.
  • 1983 and 1985: He had two photo exhibitions at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kuwait sponsored by the Ministry of information about life in the Third Word
  • April 2010: "Le tiers-monde-Réalité d'un peuple méconnu" Exhibition at Galerie Monet, Montreal, Canada.
  • September 2010: "Table Ronde sur l'Art à Mont-Royal" Exhibition at Bistro Dupond & Dupont, Montreal, Canada.
  • October 2012:  "Coutumes et Traditions" Exhibition at Galerie Lozeau Montreal, Canada.
  • In 2014: He pubished in Montreal an anthology of some of his most beautiful photos entitled «Peuples, coutumes et traditions»


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